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Prepare for an Emergency




This course teaches emergency procedures including CPR and First Aid. You'll acquire up-to-date first aid information in a low stress environment, effectively developing your skill, knowledge and confidence. Informational video segments and instructor coaching are reinforced with hands-on practice. These teaching techniques strengthen recall in actual emergencies.


EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE is not diving specific, so non-divers are encouraged to enroll in the program too. Sail Caribbean Divers is proud to have certified more than 250 individuals from local businesses in the BVI community!


EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE is a mandatory step towards continuing your education with the PADI Rescue Diver, Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and Instructor Development Course (IDC).






Course Standards

Prerequisite Certification: None
Minimum Age: None
Knowledge Development: 2 modules
Training Session: ~6 hours

(flexible training options available)

Cost: $110

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Dive with Confidence & Help Others


RESCUE DIVER- 3 to 4-day course


Gain valuable knowledge while having serious FUN! The Rescue Diver course expands your diving and emergency response skills to make diving safer and more enjoyable for yourself as well as others. Everyone who takes the Rescue Diver Course refers to it as the most fun and challenging experience they've had as a diver. The Rescue Diver Course is offered on Sail Caribbean's Teen Scuba Camps, but only on the Charlie Programs.


The Rescue Diver course is divided into three sections; knowledge development, rescue training sessions, and four rescue scenarios. The knowledge development portion develops the principles and information you need for preventing and handling dive emergencies, with topics including: Self Rescue, Diver Stress, Diving First Aid, Emergency Management, Equipment Problems, Rescue/Assistance Procedures (conscious and unconscious victims on the surface and underwater). E-Learning is now available for Rescue Diver courses.


During the open water training, you'll apply the knowledge you've learned as you develop rescue skills. While mastering rescue techniques, you'll learn to adapt what you practice to suit the situation; your physical attributes, those of the victim, and the nature of the diving environment.






Course Standards

Prerequisite Certification: PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or Equivalent, Basic CPR & First Aid (EFR)
Minimum Age: 15 (12 for Junior certification)
Knowledge Development: 5 modules
Open Water Dives: 5 open water credits

(flexible training options available for confined and open water training)

Cost: $415

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